16 Oz. Multi-Mold Pellets - Molding and Sculpture Medium

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These non-toxic, reusable plastic pellets can be molded without any special tools or equipment to create a hard plastic mold. Even better, you can re-shape and re-form them indefinitely!

Use Multi-Mold Pellets to capture your favorite textures, create sturdy molds, or design surfaces for draping, constructing, and drying wet clay. Multi-Mold Pellets can also be used to create supports for pieces that are difficult to hold while working on them.

Save time and money with Multi-Mold Pellets by creating investment “doubles” to use when gems and stones cannot be fired in place. Press Multi-Mold onto the gem or stone and then use the mold to create an investment “double” to hold the stone’s place during firing.

To use:

Just heat water in electric skillet or microwave for about five minutes until the temperature reaches 140-150 °F (60-66°C). If using an electric frying pan, set the control to 150°F (66°C) or less. Alternatively, most electric skillets have a low/simmer setting. Test water temperature with cooking a thermometer and then add one or two drops of cooking oil to water to prevent sticking.

Pour the Multi-Mold Pellets into the hot water and let stand for about 30 seconds at 150°F (60°C) or 60 seconds at 140°F (60°C). The pellets will become transparent and stick together. Wet your hands and remove the plastic blob from the water - quickly, as the water will be hot to the touch.

You can now shape the material with your hands, with tools, or by pressing objects into it. When you are satisfied with the shape or texture you have created, immerse it in cold water to harden. It will become opaque again. Once hardened, you can refine the surface of the plastic by carving, drilling, or filing.

When you are finished with the mold – or if you are not satisfied with the results - simply reheat and re-shape.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Multi-Mold Pellets should never be placed on a heated surface or in a kiln. Never microwave Multi-Mold Pellets.

Biodegradable, re-useable, and non-toxic.

16 oz.

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