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The metal clay classic just got an upgrade.
From metal clay to low fire ceramics to heat treating and glass work, the Eclipse 360 offers the artist unparalleled versatility and convenience.

Program As Much or As Little As You Want
The Eclipse 360 utilizes an Orton Autofire Express automatic controller. The controller has been upgraded to include:
- Five Precious Metal Clay firing programs
- Three Art Clay firing programs
- Twelve custom user programs that can be fully customized, saved, and changed to drive even your most complicated firing schedules.
- Each custom user program has the capability to program up to eight segments with a ramp speed, a set point temperature, and a timed soak for each segment.

Eclipse 360Removable Control Panel Makes Service and Upgrading A Breeze
All controls and components are mounted in a control panel that slides into the ventilated case assembly. An air space keeps controls cool and the control box can be easily removed for servicing.

High Quality Construction and Durability
Construction is precision sheet metal with an appliance grade powder coat texture finish.

The Specs
- Maximum Temperature: 2012 Deg F.
- Heating time: Quick! Just 15 minutes to 1600°F and 30 minutes to 1900°F.
- Inside dimensions: 7-3/4” wide by 8-1/4” deep by 5-3/4” high.
- Front loading for easy access
- Door & Window: All Eclipse 360's come standard with a quartz window 2-1/2” wide by x 1” high centered in the door.
- Venting: 1/2” diameter vent located in the top on the kiln.
- Insulation: 1-1/2” molded ceramic fiber with a 3/4” air space between the case and the insulation module.

The Juice
The Eclipse 360 pulls only 12 amps at 120 volts, so it plugs into any standard 120 volt outlet.

Unpack and Go!
No assembly required. All the kiln furniture you need to get started, a fiber shelf and four posts, comes standard with every Eclipse 360.

Your Peace of Mind
Eclipse 360 designer Earl Roberts has been designing kilns for over 25 years. Driven by the practical needs of the artist, the highest concern for safety, and growing demand for more energy efficient kilns, Earl has taken his classic metal clay design and made it more versatile than ever before. PMCC is proud to partner with L&L Kiln Manufacturing, another family-owned company with over 65 years in the business, to bring you this outstanding kiln.

One year limited warranty.

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